Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hello bloggers!

I've been on holiday! How exciting, eh? I went to Stratford upon Avon which is Warwickshire, which is where Shakespeare's from :) Anyway we had a day at Bicester, a day in Stratford upon Avon and then on our last day we went to Warwick Castle. Wooooo! It was actually all really good, I love going on holiday in Britain. I hate, and i mean really hate hot weather, i cannot stand it! Even Britain's summer is to much for me, hence why I never, ever, go abroad, aha :) But anyway I took lots of lovely photo's whilst I was there so that's what im going to show you. But im going to do two posts because i took sooooo many photos. So i will do a Bicester and Stratford one, then a warwick castle one (I promise it wont be all boring!). Oh and im going to do a Bicester haul and a few things i picked up in Stratford. Well now all that kerfuffle is out of the way i'll show you some photos!

 Some choclatey coffee thing! :)
Ahhh, Britain

 Possibly the cutest restaurant ever. It was called Foxy Browns!
 ice teaaaa!
This is pointless but it amused me, me taking a picture in my bag buckle :)

Well I know sometimes these posts can be boring when it lots of photos but i personally love looking at these! You don't even have to engage your brain, just look at pictures, aha. So yes i'll upload even moreeee photos tonight aswell :) I promise there not too boring!
I hope you all enjoyed this post, leave me a comment, i love reading them :)

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