Friday, 30 March 2012

New blogger!

Hello bloggers!
Well I sat down tonight and started watching some Sprinkle Of Glitter videos (she's a youtuber), and she and Zoella (another amazing youtuber) had done a video on their blogging tips and tricks. It is amazing advice by the way, so here's the link, Louise and Zoey's Blogging tips. Anyway i have recently been toying with the idea of making a blog and i guess this video just set me off.

So this will be my blog that i will be writing about things such as, skincare, fashion, make-up and lots of other stuff! I don't have a clue how good it will be and im not to experienced with a camera so that will be an adventure! But i just want to enjoy making this blog and enjoy posting on it.

So this is it, this is me and i hope this is a blog you will like :)

Please leave me a comment and i'll always reply!