Saturday, 7 April 2012

How To... Get Beautifully Soft Feet!

Hi bloggers!
This is a super quick mini tutorial on one way to get lovely, soft feet :) It takes less than 5 mins, and it works really well. So let's begin!

1. So firstly make sure your feet are clean, bare and dry

2. Take a moisturizer to use on your feet (You can either use cream specifically for your feet, or just a normal body lotion)
 3. Then slather it all over your feet, and i mean SLATHER! You need to put so much cream on that it's still visible all over your feet. (Sorry about my sausage looking feet, feet don't photo well!!)
 4. Then take some cotton ankle socks. They have to be cotton so your feet can breathe.

5. Carefully pop the cotton socks on, and your away! This is best to do over night, so do it just before you get into bed.

This is something you can do regularly to keep your feet soft, or something to do as a treat! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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  1. I love doing this! I got some 'moisturising socks' from Avon a while ago that are specifically for this :)
    love the blog just started following xx

    1. Aww thankyou! :) - it's so nice in the morning, lovely and soft :D



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