Saturday, 7 April 2012

American Apparel hoodie!

Hello bloggers!
May i just say im in love with this hoodie! I have wanted a white shoe string hoodie for ages, but I could only find the colour I liked in American Apparel, which is slightly pricey for hoodies :) But anyhoo, i finally got one, yaaaay!

So this cost £42. I think that is quite a bit of money for a hoodie, but American Apparel do make very good quality clothing. The inside is so lovely and fleecy! The only problem I have is that because this hoodie is unisex the sleeves are slightly long, but that means i can pull it over my hands in the chilly weather! :)

Leave me a comment, and tell me if you have anything from American Apparel or what you think of these hoodies. I'll reply to all comments!


  1. I've got this exact same hoodie in that colour! Love mine so much :) x

    1. There just so snuggly and they go with everything! :)



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