Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser - Review

Hello bloggers!

A couple of weeks ago they were selling the Red magazine with a free mini Liz Earl cleanser in, let's just say I snatched it up! I have wanted to try Liz Earl products for so long, and im so glad I finally got to!

So with the Liz Earl cleanser I also got a muslin cloth and Liz Earl's ultimate cleansing guide. The steps Liz Earl gives you are;

1. Fill a basin with hand hot water.
2. Apply one or two pumps of cleanser and use your fingertips to gently massage the cream over your face and neck. Work in circular movements from the centre of your face outwards. Massage over your eyelashes to avoid spreading eye make over your face.
3. Rinse the muslin cloth in hand hot water and wring it out so it's damp, not wet.
4. Use the muslin cloth to wipe of the cream using a lean section for each part of your face. Place a single finger inside the cloth to thoroughly clean more awkward areas such as the nose. Be gentle around your eye zone when removing eye make up. Rinse the cloth thoroughly during cleansing.
5. Rinse your skin with cool water and pat dry. Rinse the muslin cloth thoroughly and allow it to air dry naturally.
6. Follow this routine morning and night then use Instand Boost Tonic before massaging in Skin Repair or SuperSkin Moisturiser to finish.

Muslin cloth care: To keep your clothes fresh and clean pop in a 40 degree wash after every three uses, allow to air dry naturally.

So anyway, I love this product! It's really, really, really good! It gets every last bit of make-up off, including all of my eye make-up. I dont do this at the sink though, I just do it in the shower, it makes more sense to me :) It is also a lovely consistency and also using the muslin cloth gives you some gentle exfoliation. My only problem with this product is the smell. It's not a horrible smell, just a very strange one. It smells exactly like a fresh (as in unfrozen) pizza that's not been cooked yet. I kid you not :) But it's not a disgusting smell, so ho hum! I definitely 100% recommend this product, and if I had the money I would certainly be buying the entire Liz Earl skincare range!

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bicester haul!!!

Hi bloggers!

As i've said in my previous post, I went on holiday to Warwickshire and for one day we spent the day in Bicester. For those of you who don't know Bicester is a designer outlet near Oxford. It is seriously good! They have everything from Prada, Versarce, Ugg, La Perla, Jack Wills, Cath Kidston, Ralph Lauren and sooooooo much more! Obviously some are the shops are still ridiculously expensive, but at some places like Cath Kidston you can get amazing bargins :) (everything has to have at least 30% of to be sold at an outlet).

 Jack Wills Westlington Dress, £129 down to £39
 Jack Wills Hallingbury Dress, £69 down to £44
 Jack Wills Hillerton Henley Vest, £34 down to £22

Cath Kidston Prairie Flowers Camera Case, £8 down to £5

Then i picked up this bandeau from newlook to wear with the black Jack Wills dress.
Newlook black bandeau, £2.99

All of the Jack Wills clothes are such good quality and so is the Cath Kidston camera case. But i have a few gripes with the black dress. The dress fits me apart from in the breasts area, there is literally NO ROOM and i dont not have big boobs aha! So what i did was loosen the straps so the bit where the breast section starts actually sat at the bottom in the right place. But obviously this made the dress veryyyy low, so i just popped this bandeau underneath and whoala! Looks great :) If i hadn't loosened the straps then the breasts bit would have sat in the middle of the boobs making it look like you had double boobs. But hey hum everything can be fixed, and that's what i did! Sorry if people feel awkward with me rambling on about my breasts haha! :)

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Bye guys :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Warwick Castle! (It's not boring I promise!)

Hi bloggers!

So this is the second part to my hugeee photo post! This is all from Warwick Castle :)

 Sooooo pretty!

 Well that's just rude :)

...and then a duck ran past :)

 Aww, mama and papa!

 I love birds of prey shows!

 So, so, so pretty!
 If you can't tell this is a ceiling, how gorgeous is this!!?
 Badass antlers
So cuteee!
hiii guys!!!

Well i hope that didn't bore you to death! :) I know castles aren't to exciting but i only but the good ones up, promise! :) Please leave me a comment, I always reply :)


Hello bloggers!

I've been on holiday! How exciting, eh? I went to Stratford upon Avon which is Warwickshire, which is where Shakespeare's from :) Anyway we had a day at Bicester, a day in Stratford upon Avon and then on our last day we went to Warwick Castle. Wooooo! It was actually all really good, I love going on holiday in Britain. I hate, and i mean really hate hot weather, i cannot stand it! Even Britain's summer is to much for me, hence why I never, ever, go abroad, aha :) But anyway I took lots of lovely photo's whilst I was there so that's what im going to show you. But im going to do two posts because i took sooooo many photos. So i will do a Bicester and Stratford one, then a warwick castle one (I promise it wont be all boring!). Oh and im going to do a Bicester haul and a few things i picked up in Stratford. Well now all that kerfuffle is out of the way i'll show you some photos!

 Some choclatey coffee thing! :)
Ahhh, Britain

 Possibly the cutest restaurant ever. It was called Foxy Browns!
 ice teaaaa!
This is pointless but it amused me, me taking a picture in my bag buckle :)

Well I know sometimes these posts can be boring when it lots of photos but i personally love looking at these! You don't even have to engage your brain, just look at pictures, aha. So yes i'll upload even moreeee photos tonight aswell :) I promise there not too boring!
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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kittens and Ribbons

Hi bloggers!

So yes I may have lied, this is my cat that isn't a kitten, and he's not in a ribbon, more of a netting? :) Haha, anyway, this was on mother's day and the massive ribbon was on my mum's present, which quickly ended up on Meeko, my cat :) You'll have to excuse my mum and dad in bed in the backgrounds of these photos, but I went and surprised my mum in bed with her present and stuff, hence the setting. Also I just need to add that my cat was purring his head off all the way through. He loves being dressed up and fussed, so this is not at all cruel!! :) Oh and I also need to add that my cat loveeees tea, which is why he's trying to get in my mum's teacup.

 I think he looks like a bumble bee here! :)

Awww! Hehe :)

Well I hope you guys like the photos. I think he's adorable, which is why I blog about him, so sorry if this isn't what you like :) 
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