Friday, 8 June 2012

Holiday Shopping!

I'm going on holiday to Disney Land Florida next monday and I have barely any holiday stuff. It's been a long time since I last went abroad (I'm not too keen on hot weather!) so I didn't really have any of my basic essentials. So I set out into town and I've managed to get everything I need!

Debenhams Swimming Costume - £35

H&M Cover-Up - £7.99

Primark Maxi Dress - £10

Clarks Leather Gladiator Sandals - £35

Fiorelli Sunglasses (From TKMAXX) - £20

Overall im super pleased with what I got! Some of the things are slightly expensive, but the things I spent more money on are the things I will be using again. Such as the sandals and the swimming costume. The swimming costume has this lovely sort of snake skin detail all over it and the fabric is very good quality. The sandals are real leather and are going to last for a long time. Hence why I splurged on them! But then I made the mistake of going into CEX, if you dont know what CEX is, it's a second hand shop that sells DVD's, games and technology (and the DVD's are soooo cheap!). I have recently been loving all the Sylvester Stallone movies, I just love him! So I brought this...

Rocky Boxset - £8

Such a bargain, £8 for 6 DVD's. Brilliant! Well I hope you enjoyed this post, please don't take this as me showing off or bragging. I just personally love reading haul posts and hope you do to! Please leave me a comment, I'll always reply.
Bye guys :)


  1. Lovely haul! I hope you have a great time, I go to Florida in September - cannot wait! :P


    1. Thankyou! :) Im really excited too aha! xx


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