Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Scrubs and Exfoliators!

Hi bloggers!

I have been pondering on what to do for my next post and I wanted to do something skincare or bodycare. So I decided to do it on scrubs and exfoliators. I love these kinds of products and with so much choice in this area I thought I'd share my thoughts with and what products I like to use.

Soap&Glory - The Scrub Of Your Life
This scrub claims it will banish dry, rough elbows, bumps on the tops of arms and it will smooth your shins. To be quite honest im not really sure it will do all that, but non the less I do like this product. Opposed to a dry sort of sugar scrub, it is more like a general shower gel with scrubbing beads in it. I would say it's mild enough to use everyday to remove most dead skin, but it wont work wonders. I would say it's good to use with a body puff or exfoliating gloves, but on it's own, it doesn't really do all that much.

Botanics - Moisturising Sugar Scrub
I cannot rave about this product enough, it's the best body scrub on the market! My skin feels so damn good after using this. You use it on damp skin, you can do it in the bath but it's best to go in the shower and then turn the water off so your skin is wet. When you rub it on you can really feel it working and removing all the old, dead skin. But it's not at all harsh. As you can see from the title it's moisturising, and it really means it! After I wash it all off it literally feels like i've just moisturised and it's just all soaked in. So theres no need to moisturiser, which means you've done two jobs in one! It also last for a long time, it's a huge tub and it's only £5 something. Everyone needs to have this product in their cupboard. Love, love, love! 

Exfoliating Gloves
These gloves are AMAZING! I could not live without these! They are so good. Using these with your normal body wash takes the normal amount of time as a body wash but your exfoliating YAY! You can get these gloves from most places, the cheaper ones are just as good as brand ones (like Soap&Glory). Brilliant product, everyone go and get some!

Clean&Clear - Exfoliating Daily Wash
I pretty much have nothing bad to say about this face wash! It has gently exfoliating microbeads, which really work, but it's gentle enough to use every day (clearly you can tell this from the title!) It  claims to give you softer skin from day one and remove dead skin and unblock pores which can cause blackheads. I would definitely say it does all this! It has a lovely smell, and the bottle last for ageeeees. I don't use this face wash everyday though because I like to use a face wash to remove most of my make-up (including eye make-up, then I cleanse and tone. Just makes cleansing easier!). Whilst this does remove my make-up it's not suitable to use on my eye area (the skin is very thin and delicate and exfoliators thin the skin and make you look older quicker!) So I just leave this in the shower and use it about twice a week after my normal face wash. But overall great exfoliating face wash!

No7 - Radiance Revealed Exfoliator
This product is so damn good! My skin feels amazing after using this, It really is like a mini facial like it says on the bottle. You only have to use it once or twice a week and it's like having brand new skin after you've used this. my skin is softer, smoother, brighter and just much more lovely. It doesn't lather, it's more of a cleaner with microbeads. But you do have to have damp cleansed skin to use it. The only problem with this product is that if you have sensitive skin this would be waaaaaay to harsh. Other than that it's amazing!

I got this free with a face wash, but most beauty brands do one. This one is called a scrublet and some others are called face mits. They have loads of like rubber bristles (that sounds like their hard  but there not at all!) and work as gentle exfoliator. I like to use this with my cleanser in a morning if my skin is feeling a bit dull or heavy. Something really easy to use, never runs out and can just be used with whatever product you have! Must have!

Well I hope this post wasn't to long! I also hope I've given you some good information and ideas :) Please leave me a comment or a question guys.


  1. Gloves are a life saver! Soap & glory's pulp friction is amazing. x hivenn

  2. Great to see exfoliating products all being rated against each other rather than individual reviews. I love my exfoliator gloves :) xx

    1. I couldn't live without them! And thankyou, it's easier to compare when there all together! :) xx

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